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Welcome to the Extreme Presentation™ website

The Extreme Presentation method is a step-by-step approach for designing presentations of complex or controversial information in ways that drive people to action.  It is based on extensive empirical research and has been pilot tested among leading corporations, including Microsoft, Exxon-Mobil, Kimberly-Clark, eBay, and Motorola.

The purpose of this site is to provide you with tools and support in applying the Extreme Presentation method.  You can go to our new tools pagestart designing a presentation right now, or read on.



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If your job impact and success depend on making effective presentations, you will have realized that over the past few years audiences have become more distracted, demanding and skeptical. The 40-slide, text-heavy PowerPoint™ presentation just doesn't work anymore (if it ever did). You don't enjoy death by bullet-point, so why should your audience?

It's an extreme presentation challenge, which needs an extreme solution: the Extreme Presentation method.

The Extreme Presentation method is a simple but effective design approach for creating presentations that are clear, convincing, visually captivating - and brief. The approach builds on leading theory and decades of experience designing and delivering presentations. It integrates the five essential elements of an effective presentation:

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